Grand Central Terminal: Architecture in the U.S.



Designer: Reed & Stem, Warren & Welmore (Original , 1913), Bayer Blinder Belle (Renovation, 1998)

Grand Central Terminal was originally built in 1913. It is the core of railway transit in New York and is Beaux Art Classical Style architecture. Basically, Beaux Art Classical Style architecture was designed according to neoclassical style and by architects who studied architecture at the École des Beaux-Arts.
The main façade of Grand Central Terminal has a series of arches that form a glorious symmetrical design. Detailed sculptures and the large clock have an important symbolic function in the building. Those sculptures and decorative columns also provide reflection of light and shadow at night, and you may feel it exotic. The main concourse is huge, but you feel comfortable with natural light entering through the arch-shaped clerestories. The original ceiling was replaced
in the late 1930s because of falling plaster, but now you can see original one with an illuminated mural of constellations thanks to the renovation in 1998. The passage along the main concourse is beautiful.



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